Slappy Fest 2018

The best Skate contest ever?

Every August when there’s no Global Pandemic, Collapse Skateboards throws a contest/birthday party. It’s usually in South West France where the company is from, even if they did an exception with a Belgian trip. No exception in 2018 where the party was a Slappy Party setup in the surf famous town Hossegor. And the awesome thing is that it wasn’t just a Slappy Party, they pushed everything in 80’s/early 90’s mode: not only the tricks but the video teaser they made, skaters’ outfit and all the music put that day were in that spirit. And with a great sunny summer day it finished to set the mood: all was super cool, fun and relax and the tension that can come out of a competition was far away. So if you ask me, it was definitely the best skate contest I’ve been to (second best being the same Collapse birthday that took place also in Hossegor but right in front of the ocean) but honestly as I’m not that much into contests, I didn’t see that many…

Enjoy the official video to get the spirit (not from me) and the pictures (yes those are from me)!

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