Tattoo interview video with Drift Driver Buttsy Butler


So, It pretty much all started here: Ladies & Gentlemen let me introduce Buttsy Butler the drift driver!
Don’t know what drift driving is? Just have a look at these videos and you’ll get what slaying tires means…


I had the opportunity to met him, and already noticed he was kind of covered. But with his driver suit impossible to get what he has, and very difficult too watching videos.
And then, I went to see him with my original idea: having people to talk about their tattoos, first to be able to really see what ink they have on their body and also to have the little stories about it.
I have to confess that Buttsy was kind of the perfect candidate: It took 5 seconds to convince him, really confortable with the camera, having fun like he is always looking for in his life… And his tattoo on the calf and his “butterfly” are priceless.
Checkout all of this in the video below, and you’ll understand too why It pushed me to continue this serie.

More about the man at &

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