Prevail Swollen Members Tattoo itw video


New episode in our video serie! From metal to hip-hop with this time Prevail from the Canadian act Swollen Members!

Checkout the crazy stofy of his 1st tattoo taking 8h instead of 1h30…

But, before going further checkout those two videos if you want to know a little bit more about Swollen Members.



Through his tattoo stories, Prevail speaks about his love for comic books especially for Spiderman and Todd McFarlane and let us discover his massive back piece!


Of course, his belonging to the Battle Axe Warriors is inked forever on his body with this Armed to the teeth skull


Hanging out with Madchil before the show…


And if you have any doubt, the show was a killer one! Full of energy, going through all the Swollen Members discography from classics to new ones nothing but good times!



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